My Black Heritage is a minority and female-owned business which was founded in 2017.

The founder, Natlee Green heard many stories about the history of her family but was never really sure how accurate it all was.  She had a deep interest in learning more about some of the ancestors she'd heard about throughout the years.

Her interest quickly turned into her passion when she was tasked with a family history project in elementary school and couldn't offer any of her own family history beyond two of her four sets of great-grandparents. 

As she listened to some of her classmates tell stories about their 3rd and 4th great-grandparents, their accomplishments, their culture, and migration, she was immediately motivated to learn all that she could about her own family history.

Her mission began with interviewing the elders in her family and documenting their stories, to visiting research libraries, cemeteries, courthouses and spending hours online putting together the pieces of her family history.

There were many obstacles faced when trying to obtain information about her African-American/Black ancestors.  

The people were either poorly documented, not documented, or listed as numbers in the United States Census prior to 1870. 

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The frustration of hitting those "brick walls" was only relieved when she would take a break from her own family tree and start researching for others.  She found gratification in helping others like her discover their history beyond one or two generations. It was pure bliss to help someone discover that their ancestors held prestigious jobs, fought in wars or were celebrities.

There is no doubt that African-American genealogy can be significantly more difficult to research, but the techniques that our researchers have picked up over the years and the access to newer research tools, coupled with the sheer determination to discover African-American ancestors who were otherwise be unknown or forgotten is what makes My Black Heritage a vital part of discovering your own family history.