‚ÄčDiscover New Ancestors

Whether you have a substantial family tree, or only know a handful of your ancestors names, we will work with the information that you have and go as far as we can with it.  We will discover ancestors who you may have never heard of, and we will present their story through records, documentation, and sometimes even pictures. 

Confirm Family Stories

Maybe you heard that your great-great grandfather was a sheriff of a small town, or your great-grandmother was Native American. Through our research we will find evidence that supports or disputes the stories that you've been told over the years. 

Create Your Family Tree

Once we have obtained a substantial amount of information you will have the choice of how it is presented to you. We offer the following:

  • A custom family tree that you can view online, download, print or have a hard copy sent to you printed on high quality stock or poster board for presentation and/or preservation.
  • A secure and interactive custom family website where you can invite family members and friends to view and/or contribute to the tree by updating their own branches or providing more information that may not already be on the tree.
  • A family history book which tells the story of your family with the supporting documents and family tree broken down in sections by generation.

We also can customize how your results are presented to you based on your preference.

My Black Heritage